Green from the Ground UP!

Perhaps the most widely recognized feature of a Lindal home is its relationship to the natural environment. You might be surprised to learn that our motivation goes far beyond capturing breathtaking panoramic views.

Lindal has always led in preserving the environment that our homes celebrate. It begins with your Lindal dealer getting to know you, your site, and your vision. Your dealer will gather local environmental data and will explore the building site with you, noting the topography and things like trees critical for shading and the most natural vehicular access to the house site, all the way through to choosing eco-friendly materials to finish your home.


Proper siting, site responsive house design, the use of sustainable materials, efficient delivery, and the knowledge required to apply them. Lindal has invested heavily in green; that’s why you won’t need to.

For over twenty years, Lindal Cedar Homes has planted trees to replace those harvested for our homes. Lindal has led green home building efforts in the use of energy efficient windows and detailing, in the use of engineered wood and other sustainable materials. The company has been recognized by local and national news outlets, was the first to be Green Approved by the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center and the only single family home selected for TIME Magazine’s Green Design 100. Lindal’s dealers have received special training to become Certified Green Professionals, and today many Lindal owners choose to build off the grid or seek green certification for their homes.